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Cover crops

Posted by Russel Higgins -

The Department of Crop Sciences and Extension have partnered in a cover crop project at four of the agronomy research centers (Champaign, Brownstown, Monmouth and DeKalb). We expect this to be the start of a multi-year project and look forward to gathering useful information for Illinois growers. We realize we have gotten a late start in 2012 (at least in the north) but plan to proceed with the project.

Following soybeans, in an area to be planted in corn in 2013 we have planted

  • Canola
  • Crimson clover
  • Hairy vetch
  • Oilseed radish
  • Annual ryegrass

Following corn, in an area to be planted to soybean in 2013 we will plant

  • Canola
  • Spring oats
  • Cereal Rye
  • Oilseed radish
  • Annual ryegrass

We will keep you posted on the cover crops progress across the state!

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