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Left-over nitrogen?

A very unusual occurrence took place at the NIARC today (at least for 2012), we were rained out from field activities late in the afternoon. For those in northern Illinois who experienced poor corn yields, there is a good chance that some of the nitrogen that was applied to meet the requirements of a normal crop is still there. It is likely that the the nitrogen is now in the nitrate form in the soil profile. Nitrate is a mobile form of nitrogen that will move in the soil profile. Illinois is announcing a new soil nitrogen monitoring project to gauge the nitrate levels in fields across the state. Farmers or agribusiness  will be asked to pull samples but the lab cost for the samples will be be provided by the Council for Best Management Practices.

Learn more about project and what can happen to nitrates through the winter and spring months in Dr. Emerson Nafzigers Bulletin article.

I would encourage northern Illinois growers who experienced poor corn yields in 2012 to collect and forward samples to campus!

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