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Last week of October

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Several quick observations as we near November; Dr. Glen Hartman's group found Soybean rust at the University of Illinois Variety Testing site in Jackson County last week. The find this late in the year will certainly have limited yield implications, but does serve as a reminder to remain diligent in future growing seasons. We established cover crop trials at the NIARC on October 1st in soybean stubble and October 15th in corn stubble. We surface broadcast the seed in this introductory year, which we assume will be the norm for most cover crops in northern Illinois that are implemented in a corn-soy rotation. We will certainly push our planting dates up and seed into standing crops in 2013. Nevertheless, we are pleased with the emergence of several of our cover crop species including cereal rye. For those who planted winter wheat in 2012, an opportunity to more fully utilize the benefits of cover crops exists; this oilseed radish was planted in early July following the wheat harvest south of Leland. We will be collecting soil samples from the cover crop study this fall in an effort to set a base for future fertility and nutrient recycling evaluations.

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