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Storms to the east

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Harvest progress continues to take place at the NIARC. For the first time this year I bundled in an extra jacket to battle the wind I thought longingly back to this summer. Perhaps the heat wasn't that bad after all. Today we harvested the corn date of planting study and I collected harvest populations. Like many I have tried to keep current with the news from the east coast. Hurricane Sandy has proven to be be a substantial storm who's reach has not quite made it to DeKalb. Today I watched the clouds move in from the east toward Lake Michigan, but blue sky's for us. The extension of dry weather aided our harvest progress, but looking at area ponds and streams reminds us of how far we need to go to recharge our soils for 2013. Most of northern Illinois is between 6-12" behind an average year.

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