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November 1

Posted by Russel Higgins -

How many times have you finished, or almost finished harvest before Halloween? Not often, at least in my short term memory. The five year average for corn harvest was 69% compared to 94% recorded in the October 31st Illinois Weather and Crops Agricultural Summary. The soybean harvest is currently at 87%. Many of the soybean in southern Illinois that greened up with late season rains took some additional time to be harvest ready.

At the the NIARC we have established a new scale to evaluate our daily harvest success.

  • Level 1              One combine down - Bad day
  • Level 2              Two combines down - Very bad day
  • Level 3              Three (all) combines down - Go home (find left over Halloween candy)

We achieved level 3 on October 31st! Despite the temporary setbacks, we are down to 2 soybean trials and less than 5 corn trials to complete. Keith Ames, Senior Research Specialist in Ag finished harvesting the final corn pathology study at the NIARC this week.

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