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Tillage studies

With harvest finished at the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center; we are concentrating on our last pieces of field work. We noticed an apparent increase in tillage operations that have taken place across Illinois; including tillage operations on soybean stubble (dubbed "revenge tillage" by Dr. Emerson Nafziger). The apparent renewed interest in tillage has spurred us to restart a tillage study on soybean stubble that will be followed by corn. Our tillage programs will include no-till, no fall tillage followed by spring tillage, strip till and a disc ripper.

Also on a positive note, those who visited us this summer are aware that we are undergoing an upgrade in our office and meeting room facilities. I am very excited to report that the new insulation is being blown onto our facility, just in time! We hope you get the opportunity to visit our center in 2013.

I am heading to the North Central Weed Science Society meetings in St. Louis for the next several days. I expect considerable time to be dedicated to Palmer amaranth, herbicide resistance and invasive species. I'll be sure to share what I learn!

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