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At least were thinking about planting!

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Current weather has planting prospects appearing distant in northern Illinois.

Let's compare the average daily temperatures from March 16th – 21st from 2012 and 2013 recorded at the NIARC.

NIARC              2012              2013

March 16       66.3            30.1

March 17       65.8            29.3

March 18       66.3            28.1

March 19       66.4            22.4

March 20       69.3            17.3

March 21       68.9            20.4

(Degrees oF)

What a difference a year makes, the current soil temperature at 4 inches under bare soil is registering 32.5 degrees (DeKalb). Current weather reports are suggesting a return to more normal temperatures at the end of the week. While not doing much in the way of field work, we enjoyed meeting with the NIARC advisory committee on March 15th to discuss past and future research projects.

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