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Animal science page? April fools!

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Why a cow on the North 160 acres blog? Tomorrow I present at the 2013 Illinois Forage Institute in Galva at the Black Hawk College East Campus. My topic for the morning; Weed control in pastures, just as in the row crop world, most newer pasture/range/noncrop herbicides are tank-mixes of existing active ingredients. A short list of products for pastures include

Active Ingredient                 Common name

2,4-D                                 numerous

dicamba                             Banvel, Clarity

metsulfron-methyl               Cimarron

tebuthiuron                         Spike 20P

glyphosate                          numerous

clopyralid                            Stinger, Transline

aminopyralid                       Milestone

MCPA                                  numerous

triclopyr                               Garlon, Remedy Ultra

picloram                              Tordon

Sulfosulfuron                       Outrider

2,4-D + triclopyr                   Crossbow

2,4-D + dicamba                  Weedmaster

2,4-D + clopyralid                 Curtail

2,4-D + picloram                  Grazon P+D

2,4-D +dicamba+metsulfuron Cimarron Max

picloram + fluroxypyr            Surmount

triclopyr + clopyralid              Redeem R & P

triclopyr + fluroxypyr             PastureGard

triclopyr + aminopyralid         Milestone VM Plus

Aminopyralid + metsulfuron   Chaparral

Aminopyralid + clopyralid       Sendero

Metsulfuron + chlorosulfuron  Cimarron Plus

Imazapic + glyphosate           Journey

If using a herbicide on pastures, important information can be found on the label! Including (if applicable) grazing restrictions, slaughter animal restrictions and spray tank clean-up

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