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Why I'm proud of the agricultural community

Posted by Russel Higgins -

April 10th, 2013, new moon, ΒΌ inch of rain so far today and the current temperature is 41o. Not the greatest weather to talk about agronomy so let's digress. Every year somewhere in the agriculture world neighbors, friends, and even strangers come together to help, support, or do an incredibly kind act for their fellow man. They harvest a neighbor's crops, they take care of livestock, and they provide machinery. This is not done for recognition, the paper (or a blog); it is simply individuals stepping up to assist one of their own. These always catch my attention and I cannot resist reading the stories from beginning to end.

It has happened again.

(I was not in attendance nor am I an investigative reporter, I am but an agronomist who did make several calls to insure his facts were reasonably correct.)

Recently a benefit was held for a young man diagnosed with Leukemia. The rural community response was overwhelming. The biggest draw of the evening was the raffling of an IH 460 tractor that was restored by Brian Overall of Midwest Tractor and Plow. The winning ticket was purchased by Mr. Daniel Johnson of Janesville Wisconsin. Upon notification of his winning ticket, Mr. Johnson's response was to auction the tractor again for the benefit of the family. (I have not met Mr. Johnson, but would like to)

The story of the restored IH 460 is not over. The tractor was purchased by a group of Grundy County farmers including Mark Wills, Kevin Halterman, Pat and Tim Carey, Dan and Dave Mehochko, and Bob and Robert Rink. They in turn, are donating and auctioning the tractor at the Afternoon with Andrew event for Andrew Krull, a long time 4-H supporter, and his family on April 28th, 2013 at the Grundy County Fairgrounds.

It is remarkable to think of the value of this tractor, for the original and subsequent owner's during its "working" years, the two families who benefited from its auction, and even for this tractors future owner.

Kudos to the community for supporting their own. If your tool shed would look better with a fully restored IH 460 parked inside, Be at the Grundy County Fairgrounds at 3 pm on April 28th.

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