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Climate change?

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Is this climate change? It is certainly a departure from last year, 4.41 inches recorded at the NIARC from yesterday through 8 am this morning with more on the way. Dale Baird, retired Extension Crops Educator gave us a heads up on a severe cell of weather including hail that was heading our way. Dale shared it was the most intense hail storm he had recalled in his 30+ years in the agriculture field. The picture shared is the Baird front yard post storm near Franklin Grove, with hailstones up to an inch in diameter.
As an aside, this blog is going out this morning instead of last night because the Higgins homestead lost power as the storms went through Grundy County. Some may say it is their job, but a heartfelt thanks to the lineman who were out in terrible conditions and eventually restored power to the rural residences.

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