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Planting progress report

Posted by Russel Higgins -

The continued story for farmers in the entirety of Illinois is the limited planting across the state. The National Agricultural Statistics Service released its weekly Crop Progress Report on Monday April 22nd.

Illinois specific key points shared in the report included

  • Heavy storms and showers covered most of the state last week, dropping 5.82 inches of rain statewide with some regions receiving close to 8 inches.
  • · Total statewide precipitation was 3.15 inches above normal.
  • · Statewide temperatures averaged 48.7 degrees, 1.8 degrees below normal.
  • · The heavy rains along with the below average temperatures resulted in only 0.3 days suitable for fieldwork last week and very little progress in spring fieldwork.
  • · Topsoil moisture increased dramatically this week and was rated at 35 percent adequate and 65 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture was rated at 5 percent short, 68 percent adequate, and 27 percent surplus.
  • · Cold soil temperatures also continue to be another factor delaying corn planting.(On March 22nd, our minimum soil temperature at 4 inches under bare soil at the NIARC - 41.6 degrees)
Corn planting for the state stayed at 1 percent planted compared to the five-year average of 24 percent. As Dr. Emerson Nafziger reminded producers in a recent article, final yield is more dependent on what happens in the remainder of the growing season as compared to the specific planting date. We advise practicing patience and not planting or working unsuitable soils.

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