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Clearing skies

Posted by Russel Higgins -

The NIARC totaled ¾ of an inch of rain from yesterday through early this morning, but finally the clouds cleared and the sunshine was welcomed. We are starting the process of replacing one of our bins that split in 2012. The crane was used to remove our cross auger. An unexpected question was sent my way, when is it too late to spring plant an alfalfa crop? I deferred to Jim Morrison, author of the Forage and Pastures chapter in the Illinois Agronomy Handbook. Jim shared that the success is obviously related to the weather conditions experienced in the seeding year, but as a rule of thumb if alfalfa cannot be seeded by May 1 in northern Illinois, greater success may be had by trying a fall seeding in Mid-August. Perhaps we will soon return to the fields and this will not be an issue.

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