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Yellow(ish) corn

Is this early summer or is this early spring? Last week daily average temperatures at the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center ranged from 74.9o to 49.4o. The minimum temperature was registered on the 24th at 33.8o. As you would expect, our corn crop that has emerged is reacting to the weather and exhibiting its displeasure. Acres of yellowish corn plants can be seen across northern Illinois. Remember, corn is a warm season crop who's optimum temperature for growth is near 86o!

While yellow corn plants can also result from fertility and root issues, it is a fairly safe assumption that the widespread symptoms we are currently experiencing are primarily the result of recent environmental issues. The cooler temperatures slow down metabolic processes including photosynthesis in the plant. Rescue or aid options are limited in this scenario. At best, the warmer temperatures predicted this week will get our 2013 corn crop back on track.

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