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Crop height restrictions for post herbicde applications

As the rain continues to pop up over fields and in future forecasts, coupled with warmer temperatures and rapidly growing corn and weeds, concern has arisen on our window for herbicide applications. In some instances, scheduled or not, the management program is now a total post emergence program.

In a recent Illinois Bulletin article Dr. Aaron Hager addressed this issue. "Most, but not all, soil residual herbicides can be applied after corn has emerged.  Products such as Balance Pro, Fierce, Prequel, Sharpen and Verdict must be applied before corn begins to emerge; applications of these products to emerged corn can result in significant corn injury.  Be cautious about applying a soil-residual herbicide in UAN carrier if corn has emerged as this can increase the potential for corn injury."

Dr. Hager went on to share that crop growth stage restrictions can be found on the label of the herbicide and can range from as early as two leaf collars to as late as 40-inch tall corn, so be sure to consult the respective product labels.  Products containing atrazine must be applied before corn exceeds 12-inches tall, although the labels of some atrazine-containing products specify a smaller corn height.

Dr, Hagers article and a follow up article sharing a chart with post corn herbicide crop restrictions can be found here



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