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Horseweed issues moving north

Posted by Russel Higgins - Weeds

Be on the lookout for weeds surviving glyphosate applications in your soybean. Horseweed, commonly called marestail in Illinois, has long been an issue in southern Illinois and for no-tillers across the state. Glyphosate resistant populations have been identified and are the cause for considerable headaches for growers who deal with this problematic weed. It appears northern Illinois is not immune to the problem. Yesterday I spoke with a grower in Will County with Horseweed continuing to flourish after his post glyphosate application. In his June 4th Bulletin article, Dr. Aaron Hager shared the challenges this weed presents, and the limited options available to farmers, especially after the plant reaches 12 inches in height.

Dr. Hagers article in its entirety can be accessed here.

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