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Time to revisit fields

If you haven't already done so, this would be a great time to revisit your corn and soybean fields. Pollination is complete and a trip in the corn field should not result in being covered in pollen. What to look for in the fields? Starting with corn
  • pollination success, pull several random ears and evaluate how well the field/hybrid pollinated.
  • green snap, standability or goose-necking in fields. While little can be done at this stage of the growing season you can coordinate your harvest schedule to harvest problem fields early.
  • Check for the presence of leaf and stalk diseases, unlike recent years diseases are more easily found in many northern Illinois corn fields.
  • If you have not already done so, this is a time to check populations and plant spacings
How about soybeans?

  • We are starting to find Soybean aphids in our trials at the NIARC. We are below threshold levels; but this is an insect pest that can increase in numbers very quickly.
  • Diseases, there are few rescue options at this stage, most commercial soybean fields are near V5. But be on the lookout for SDS and White mold. A disease survey will be beneficial in future cropping years.
  • Did you spray big weeds? Are they dead? Are you sure? Just as we predicted, some of the larger weeds we sprayed at the NIARC did not die, and are starting to regrow. Our most problematic weed?  Giant ragweed. (See pic)


Agronomy day takes place on the University of Illinois campus this week on Thursday the 15th.  For those planning on attending, I'll be in the tent at the 100 years of Extension display!




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