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Lesion mimic

Lesion mimic

Posted by Russel Higgins -

My recent trip to campus for Agronomy day included a trip to the plant clinic in Turner Hall. Every time I take a trip to campus I try to learn something, that was the case when Suzanne Bissonnette and Stephanie Porter shared their expertise and identified lesion mimic on a corn sample from northern Illinois.

Lesion mimic is abiotic (not caused by a disease organism), rather is the result of mutant genes within the corn germplasm. Ongoing research is determining if the lesions are a result or response to environmental conditions or response to disease initiation, or a combination. The lesions are sometimes found after bright sunshine and high temperature conditions when coupled with saturated soils.  Becuse the lesions are not caused by a fungal disease, application of a fungicide will have no effect.

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