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Some green, some not

Posted by Russel Higgins - Weather

There is tremendous variability in northern Illinois fields, from those still green right down to the soil line, to those that have died prematurely due to lack of moisture. Several fields with rapid senescence I have visited in the last week are emanating a distinctive smell that I first experienced during the drought year of 2012. I'm associating it with the corn plants premature demise. At the NIARC we are collecting pre-harvest notes as well as conducting yearly surveys. If you are seeing Sudden Death Syndrome in your soybean and would be willing to let us collect a small sample, please let me know. We are trying to collect samples from 30 Illinois counties (DeKalb has already been collected).
Russ Higgins - 815 274 1343

Thanks to Nelson multimedia, Julie Drendel and the Big Ag Radio Network for letting me take part in the noon show at last Fridays 2013 Sandwich Fair. A great time was had by all!

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