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Possible yield impact of late season drought on corn crop

It seems every time I visit with farmers recently with brown instead of green corn the question that arises is " what impact will this have on final yield?" Here is the perspective of Dr. Bob Nielsen from Purdue University. In his September 10th news release he shared

"Once corn reaches dent stage, many folks can be heard confidently stating that there is no reason to worry about further crop stresses because the crop is made, Actually, by the time a crop reaches full dent, only about 60 percent of the crop has been 'made' and there is still 40 percent of the potential yield on the table yet to be determined. In fact, corn plants can still fall victim to sudden and complete death as late as two weeks before physiological maturity if conditions are bad enough.Whole plant death can translate to yield losses as high as 12 percent."

Dr. Nielsen finished by stating that a crop is not 'made' until it has successfully reached physiological maturity. Dr. Nielsens article in its entirety can be accessed here.,-excessive-heat-still-choking-indiana-corn.html

Undoubtedly growers in portions of northern Illinois have lost yield as we experienced a shortened grain fill period with our hybrids. Just how much we have lost will be answered when the combines start rolling.

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