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Palmer amaranth confirmed in Grundy County

Posted by Russel Higgins - Weeds

UPDATE - Palmer Amaranth in Illinois -   9/24/2013

Not news that I'm excited to share, Palmer amaranth has been confirmed in northern Illinois. Dr. Aaron Hager, associate professor and weed science specialist, shared that a plant tissue sample from Grundy County was submitted to the University of Illinois a few weeks ago and through molecular assays Dr. Pat Tranel's lab verified it was actually Palmer amaranth.

Dr. Hager shared steps that should be taken if Palmer is found in your fields in his August 6th Illinois Bulletin article.

For those who are unfamiliar with this weed, a Guideline for the Identification and Management of Palmer Amaranth in Illinois Agronomic Crops can be accessed here.

While harvest has started for some, a short period exists for weed surveys for others. Determining the presence of this weed could have a major impact on your 2014 weed management program.

How do you identify mature Palmer amaranth?

· The flowering stems are the longest of any of the pigweeds (1 to 2 ft)
· Palmer lacks pubescence
· The petioles (the stalk of the leaf blade) are typically longer than the leaf blades.
· Leaves of Palmer are wider than waterhemp leaves.

(Photo credit - Josh Putnam, Graduate research assistant, K-State)

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