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Harvest is underway

Posted by Russel Higgins - Soybeans

Harvest has started in northern Illinois. While it appears most initial trips into the fields have been to test moisture levels and equipment, several complete fields have been harvested. In the dry areas of northern Illinois corn lost its green color very quickly at the end of the growing season and I expected most producers to be harvesting corn first. What surprised me was how quickly soybean followed suit. One of our studies at the NIARC has Soybean maturities from 1.7 to 3.6 and the progression from R6 through R7 (with the exception of the group 3 beans) was rapid.

What effect will our end of growing season weather have on soybean yields? Dr. Emerson Nafziger addressed that topic in a recent Illinois Bulletin article. Several key points include

  • Seedfill is directly related to 1) the number of seeds present to fill and 2) how long the crop is able to maintain an active canopy.
  • As the result of water stress brought on by high temperatures the soybean crop is losing its color more quickly than expected.
  • We expect very little further seedfill once the green color from the soybean plant is gone.

To learn more on the effect of cool nights, hot days and pod counts for the 2013 Illinois soybean crop, read Dr. Nafzigers article in its entirety.

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