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Late season lodging

Posted by Russel Higgins - Corn

As farmers are starting to ramp up harvest in northern Illinois reports of lodged corn from rootworm traited hybrids are starting to trickle in. Dr. Mike Gray addressed issues found with the Cry3Bb1 event on first year corn in an August 27th posting in the Illinois Bulletin.

Now we are hearing that corn containing different or additional Bt events are also lodging. The almost fully developed ear on most plants suggests that the lodging likely occurred late in the season. If you notice lodged corn while combining where you did not expect it, and were using CRW traited corn please let us know. We are trying to determine the scope and cause of this issue.

We are interested in

County -
First year corn - Y or N
Was a soil applied insecticide used -
What is the corn variety or rootworm event in the variety -
What is estimated % lodging in the field -

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