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Starting corn plots

Posted by Russel Higgins - Corn

An overcast day has halted soybean harvest at the NIARC but is allowing us to switch over to corn. Research agronomist Greg Steckel pilots the ALMACO plot combine through the crop rotation study.
Despite yet to record a 32 degree temperature this fall, we have visibly seen frost at the NIARC. Although 32° is used to identify frost, visible frost can be seen on the ground and objects when the reported temperatures are slightly above 32°. On calm, clear nights, the cold, dense air collects near the ground. Under these conditions, the temperature near the ground can be a few degrees cooler than at the 5-foot height of the official National Weather Service temperature sensors. We experienced this on October 13th.

We continue to receive reports from the combines of lodged corn in areas of northern Illinois planted with Corn rootworm traited corn. If you notice this event in your fields, we are interested.

Discussions are underway to address this issue with 2014 research projects.

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