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A killing frost

Posted by Russel Higgins - Weather

We have experienced frost for several consecutive days, but even the most hardy plants in our trials have now succumbed to cold temperatures. After reaching early morning sub freezing temperatures on Saturday and Sunday (31.3 and 30.1 degrees) the final blow for most plants took place yesterday when our low temperature of the day dipped to  24.4 degrees. Even our our late planted (mid June) full season soybean (3+ maturity) are done.  We hope to restart our remaining soybean harvest at the NIARC by the end of the week.

You can access the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric weather data collected at the NIARC here;jsessionid=153A389C490DD6E09BD1CF2F4D43EE2E.lwf1?stationId=1038

Soybean leaves collected last week in DeKalb, LaSalle and Grundy Counties and evaluated at the University of Illinois Plant Clinic tested negative for Soybean rust.

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