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Fall fertilization

Fall activities at the NIARC include soil testing and application of dry fertilizer. A recent article originating from the University of Illinois questioned current recommendations regarding potassium. In an article posted today to the Illinois Bulletin Dr. Emerson Nafziger shared his views on the topic. Dr. Nafziger shared that despite most Illinois soils having high levels of potassium, that portion available to higher yielding crops may be inadequate. Dr. Nafziger's article; Potash Fertilizer: Is There a Problem? can be accessed at

We have heard from several producers in northern Illinois who were disappointed in their 2013 Western corn rootworm management. We are working on a program that will take place at the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center in late February 2014 with campus entomologists to address the issue and share future research initiatives.

Today we traveled to Watseka to participate in our third soil health program. Of particular interest have been the farmer panels that share their successes and challenges incorporating cover crops into their operations.

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