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Bt trait table/NIARC update

The soil tests are done! With help, the fall sampling of the cover crop study was completed at the NIARC. Thanks to overnight delivery of an electric clutch, the Almaco plot combine was running as well as we near the end of harvest.

A handy guide is available to producers as they make corn variety selections for the 2014 growing season. Authored by Drs. Chris Difonzo (Michigan State University) and Eileen Cullen (University of Wisconsin), the recently updated "Handy Bt Trait Table" is a great reference for growers as insect, weed and refuge management decisions are made.

Last week we continued the  Soil Health seminar series, hosted by LaSalle County SWCD. The morning program took place near Streator at the Glascock farm where NRCS Soil Scientist Mark Bramstedt shared the quality factors of Illinois soils. With Thanksgiving week over I'll be joining those attending the 2013 Ag Masters conference Monday and Tuesday on the University of Illinois campus.

See you there!

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