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2013 corn date of planting and fungicide study

Posted by Russel Higgins - Corn

An ongoing study at the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center is the date of planting of corn and its effect on final yield. We plant a full and shorter season hybrid. Each year we face the same challenges as our local farmers with timely planting. Our first planting in 2013 took place on May 1st, a full month behind our initial planting date in 2012. Because of the late planting, all four dates were in May.

· May 1st

· May 13th

· May 20th

· May 30th

Our 2013 results can be found on the above graph.


As a part of this study we have a fungicide component. Each plot is subdivided; half receives fungicide application near R1 and half does not. In 2013 this study performed similarly to most fungicide studies conducted at the NIARC. Little response has been found when disease incidence is low.

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