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Dr. Mike Gray
2014 Corn and Soybean Classic - Malta

Corn & Soybean Classic

The Corn and Soybean Classic moved through northern Illinois yesterday. This is the 17th year of the University of Illinois outreach program that brings agronomy and economic research from the University to the rest of the state.

I was part of an audience of nearly 100 that garnered some interesting facts from the speakers.
Here are just a few;
  • Jim Angel - Illinois State climatologist
    • First 6 months of 2013 started out as the wettest ever on record
    • January and February are historically the driest months in Illinois
    • Illinois rarely fails to recharge soil moisture prior to spring
  • Dr. Emerson Nafziger - Professor of Crop Sciences
    • Narrow row beans (15") on average outyield soybean planted in 30" rows by 2.4 bushels
    • More soybean in Illinois are now planted in 30" rows than 5 years ago
    • In 2013 University of Illinois soybean trials, later maturing varieties yielded higher, despite late planting
    • Yield should be the highest consideration when selecting a soybean variety
  • Aaron Hager -Associate Professor of Crop Sciences
    • Marestail exists in northern Illinois primarily as a winter annual
    • Marestail reproduce by seed, the pappus on the seed allows the wind to carry the seed 3/4 of a mile
    • This is the first species of weed in Illinois that had populations confirmed glyphosate resistant.
Switching to Palmer amaranth
  • Palmer is very competitive, yield decreases of 78 and 91% have been reported in soybean and corn
  • Palmer will grow competitively across all of Illinois
  • In areas where Palmer is being first established, 98% control can be considered a failure

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