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Could we have another late planting season?

Posted by Russel Higgins - Corn

After a short (and welcome) respite from below average temperatures the return of cold is forecast for the last week of February. Are we in for another late planting season? It's time to relax, even though we are just a week away from meteorological spring and still have considerable snow atop frozen ground; things can change in a hurry.
Speaking at the Northern Illinois Crop Management Conference Dr. Emerson Nafziger reminded producers that 2013 taught us that a lot of corn can go in the ground very quickly when conditions allow. Last year Illinois farmers planted 1 million acres a day the second week of May, quickly catching up to the previous 20 year average. While the later planting certainly had an effect on harvest moisture, few will complain about the final corn yield.

So concentrate on what you can control; including machinery preparedness, coordination of available supplies and scheduling. Maybe get one last vacation in with your family before things get really hectic. And for the weather, well, we will hope for the best.

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