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March madness?

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Rumor has it that corn is or is about to go in the ground somewhere in Illinois. For northern Illinois producers watching the last of the recent winters snowdrifts slowly dissipate, this is almost incomprehensible. A silver lining to our recent weather pattern is the almost assured retention of fall applied nitrogen, at least through March. Dr. Emerson Nafziger participated in a March 27th webinar with the help of the Council on Best Management Practices. He shared that for the acres that received fall applied anhydrous, weather conditions up to this point have almost guaranteed that the nitrogen is still there. Even nitrogen that may have been converted from ammonium to nitrate likely has not moved in the frozen soils. Maximum daily soil temperatures at the NIARC measured at four inches under bare soil still remain below 40 degrees.
NIARC Research agronomist Greg Steckel and Emerson Nafziger had the opportunity to share 2013 research results to area agronomists and producers in our newly remodeled meeting room last week.

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