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When will my corn emerge?

Posted by Russel Higgins - Corn Wheat

Several busy days at the NIARC. In addition to a number of primary and secondary tillage operations, the oat trials were planted. We also planted the second date of our corn date of planting study. Our crop rotation study that compares corn-soybean, corn-corn-soybean, and continuous corn rotations went into the ground yesterday.

For those who have planted corn, when will it emerge? An easy way to get a close estimate is by visiting the Illinois State Water Survey Water and Atmospheric Monitoring (WARM) program web site. One of the options on the web site is a growing degree day calculator that utilizes temperatures recorded at various sites across Illinois. The NIARC is one of the recording locations in northern Illinois.

After selecting our location on the map, the 50 degree base temperature used for corn emergence and entering our earliest planting date, (April 11th) the calculator shared that we had accumulated 93 GDD to date.

Corn typically takes 100-120 growing degree days to emerge. That can take as little as 5 -7 days in warm soils or almost 4 weeks in cool soils.

The Northern Illinois Small Grains Meeting scheduled for June 17th at the NIARC has been cancelled due to winter kill in our wheat trials. We will likely be terminating our winter wheat trials soon.

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