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Planting resumes in northern Illinois

Our emerged corn is showing the effect of last weeks cool temperatures, but the results are not lethal. Over the last several days planting has resumed at the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center. Our fourth and final planting date of corn, second planting date of soybean (our first planted soybean have emerged), and our cover crop study were planted. The cover crop study has both corn and soybean as well as till versus no-till component. Dr. Brian Diers researchers are on site planting soybean breeding trials. Today we are fitting our planter with cone units to plant our soybean maturity x planting date x flowering intensity study.

Dr. Emerson Nafziger shared Another Look at Soybean Planting Date in the Bulletin. Using selected data from central and northern Illinois Dr. Nafziger reported a delay to May 20 means yields on average about 10% less than maximum. From May 20 to the end of May, the drop is about 0.5 % per day of delay. From June 1 to 10, it is about 0.6 % per day. The cumulative loss by June 10 is about 20%. When fitting lines to the research, there were variations between high yielding and low yielding situations. Emerson further shared that later planted soybean, May 15 or 20 for soybeans, does not rule out getting high yields. But we still want to plant as soon as we can in order to have plants take better advantage of growing conditions that should continue to improve starting soon.

Emerson's full article can be found here

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