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Jap beetle trap 2014

Insect pest arrivals

Posted by Russel Higgins - Insects

Japanese beetle catches have been reported in central and southern Illinois. We have a trap in place at the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center and will share the date of our first catch. In addition to the arrival of the Japanese beetle we are also trapping for European corn borer, Corn earworm, and Western bean Cutworm. Jim Morrison, retired Extension Crops Educator has reported his first capture of Western bean cutworm in northern Illinois. Captures of insect pests can be accessed at the North Central ipmPIPE (Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education) web site.

What about the Western corn rootworm beetle? Dr. Mike Gray, University of Illinois entomologist, shared that we can expect 50% hatch when 684 to 767 degree days have accumulated (Base 52 degrees F). Accumulated degree days for 31 different pests at 18 Illinois locations can be procured at the Illinois State Water Survey WARM web site. Selecting Corn rootworm as a pest and DeKalb as a data site reveals that through June 18th we have accumulated 577 degree days, ahead of the 11 year average of 422. In seven days our projected degree days will reach 711 (and 50% hatch of the Western corn rootworm in northern Illinois).

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