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Late season soybean diseases

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Reports of soybean diseases are accelerating in Illinois. While most fields in northern Illinois appear to remain disease free this week, I have noticed small areas in several fields starting to exhibit Sudden death syndrome symptoms. Farmers are encouraged to keep an eye on their maturing soybeans. While most soybean are now at V6 (full seed) and rescue treatments are not recommended, the awareness of diseases could aid in selection of disease tolerance and resistance needs for future growing years.

Dr. Carl Bradley, plant pathologist at the University of Illinois is looking for soybean fields that are showing symptoms of Sudden death syndrome (SDS). If you notice soybeans exhibiting the symptom of interveinal necrosis followed by the dropping of leaflets leaving the petiole intact, please let me know. We would like to collect isolates from several northern Illinois counties. Samples have already been collected in DeKalb and Grundy Counties in northern Illinois. Angie Peltier, my counterpart at the Northwestern Illinois Agricultural Research and Demonstration Center located in Monmouth, is reporting that significant SDS symptoms are showing up in Western Illinois, even on supposedly resistant varieties. Angie's article can be accessed here


Complicating matters, Iowa is reporting that Brown stem rot is showing up in Iowa soybean fields, a disease that has very similar symptoms to SDS. Soybeans affected by Brown stem rot will also exhibit brown pith in the middle of the stem.

Dr Carl Bradley addresses Sudden death syndrome and White mold in a recent Illinois Bulletin article.






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