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Cover Crops 2014

Harvest has started at NIARC

Last week we harvested group 1.8 maturity soybean to allow the planting of the winter wheat trials at the NIARC. Our combine yield monitor had the soybean near 60 bushels an acre. On September 16th we planted our 2014 cover crops into standing corn and soybean. We hand seed the cover crops to emulate aerial seeding. Cover crops used in this NIARC study include Oilseed radish, Winter rye, Annual ryegrass, Oats, Dwarf Essex rape, Crimson clover and Hairy vetch. A risk with surface seeded cover crops is the need for precipitation after planting, moisture that to date we have missed resulting in limited emergence of our seeded cover crops. This year we are prepared to reseed our trials post-harvest with a drill-type seeder to insure greater success.

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