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Almost done

Posted by Russel Higgins - Corn

Harvest of research plots is complete at the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center, we still have some corn acreage that can be harvested quickly with the centers big combine. Like many farmers in northern Illinois we are running into a storage crunch, our remaining corn is going to have to go directly to the elevator. We are starting to compile and analyze the data taken of the plot combine recorders and I'm looking forward to sharing that information in future. But before that happens we need need to bundle up to complete several year end activities including getting fall anhydrous applied in several studies and additional soil samples.

Many Illinois farmers are scrambling to complete fall tillage operations before the big freeze takes hold, but is the tillage necessary? Dr. Mahdi Al-Kaisi, Department of Agronomy from the Iowa State University recently weighed in on the tillage discussion and shared the following comments

Two main considerations for making any tillage decisions:

  1. Soil conditions: natural drainage, top soil depth, soil slope, organic matter, and soil texture need to be considered.
  2. Management considerations: These include residue management, crop rotation, equipment availability and efficiency (proper setting of planter for different tillage systems, calibration of combine to ensure uniform residue distribution, etc.), drain tiles for managing excess soil water, soil test and fertilizer management, and insect and disease control.

Dr. Al-Kaisi article is posted in the Integrated Crop Management Newsletter and can be accessed here


If tillage operations do not get completed in the fall of 2014, an opportunity to test reduced tillage can take place in 2015

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