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Illinois Variety Testing corn and soybean yield results available

After a brief respite with warmer but wetter weather over the weekend it appears that northern Illinois is returning to below average temperatures, essentially putting an end to fall activities including soil testing and tillage. While we are still in the process of tabulating and double checking our yield data from the research farm for 2014, available now are corn and soybean yield results from trials conducted by the Illinois Variety testing program.

Results for corn, soybean, small grains and forage crops can be downloaded in a pdf or excel spreadsheet. Highlights gleaned from the northern region corn results in 2014. Each entry exceeded 200 bushels per acre, with the plot averaging 239 bushels per acre.

A Soil Fertility Webinar has been scheduled for Friday, February 27th, 2015. This web based seminar is being hosted by several local Extension offices. This seminar will be held online through the Microsoft Lync system and will provide five CEUs in Nutrient Management.

The Soil Fertility Webinar will have the following topics/speakers:

  • Nutrient Management is More than Application Rate – Dr. Fabián Fernández, University of Minnesota
  • How Algae Blooms have Affected Nutrient Management in the Lake Erie Basin – Gregory LaBarge, The Ohio State University Extension
  • Nitrogen Management Practices: Reducing Atmospheric and Leaching Losses while Maintaining Yields – Dr. Cameron Pittelkow, University of Illinois
  • Making Soil Fertility Decisions in 2015 – Dr. Emerson Nafziger, University of Illinois
  • Evaluation of Adapt-N in the Corn Belt – Dr. Carrie Laboski, University of Wisconsin

I enjoyed visiting with many farmers and friends on Saturday at the Ag Expo in Princeton as a guest of the Bureau, LaSalle, Marshall & Putnam unit.

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