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Back in the field

Despite an overnight low that reached 25.6 degrees early this morning we are following the advice of Dr. Emerson Nafziger and returning to plant fields that are in suitable condition at the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center.  In a Bulletin article posted on April 22nd Emerson addressed the question of Planting into Cool Soils - Yes or No. Currently heavy rains are not in the forecast in Northern Illinois for the upcoming week reducing the likelihood of the seed in cold and saturated conditions, which is a positive. As we near May, temperatures are expected to start to rise, speeding up emergence. Taking all the factors together, Dr. Nafziger suggests planting the 2015 corn crop proceed as long as soil conditions are good, even if the germination process will be slow due to cool soils in the near term.

Today at the NIARC in addition to tillage operations we planted our crop rotation study comparing  continuous corn, corn-soy, and corn-corn-soy rotations.

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