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Angie Peltier

Angie Peltier
Former Extension Educator, Commercial Agriculture

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Hill and Furrow

Current topics about crop production in Western Illinois, including field crops research at the NWIARDC in Monmouth.

NWIARDC Long-term crop rotation sequence and tillage trial (1998-2012)

Results of a 15 year study on the effects of long-term rotation sequence and tillage on corn, soybean and wheat yields are now available online ....

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Well water safety after a flood

Posted by Angie Peltier - Weather

The NWIARDC rain gauge has been kept quite busy over the past 10 days. Since April 10th, more than 6 inches of rain has fallen at the station. Some areas of the state received this amount of rain in 24 hours. In addition to significantly delaying field operations and causing property damage, flood waters can sometimes contaminate water wells. The Extension Disaster Education Network (E...

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NWIARDC Corn-corn-soybean trial (2004-2012)

Results of a 9 year study comparing grain yields among different crop sequences including a corn-soybean (CS) rotation, a CCS rotation and continuous corn are now available online...

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Figure. Marty Johnson planting corn, April 5, 2013 (Photo: Brian Mansfield).

Field operations began and have since stalled

Field operations at the NWIARDC in 2013 began on Friday, April 5th and have since stalled. Some spring anhydrous ammonia application, oats planting and corn planting for a corn planting date experiment took place later last week in the narrow window of good soil conditions provided by warmer temperatures and high winds (Figure). Recent storms have brought 2.28 inches of rain to the NWI...

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March 2012 NWIARDC Weather Summary

MARCH 2013 WEATHER Soil Temperature Air Temp 4" (Bare) 4" (Sod) (°F) -------------------(°F)--------...

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Figure. Field sites involved in the USDA-NIFA Climate and Corn-Based Cropping Systems CAP project.

Corn-based Cropping Systems Project - Fact Sheets

Research and Extension personnel at the University of Illinois are now part of a USDA – National Institutes of Food and Agriculture Project called Cropping Systems Coordinated Agricultural Project (CSCAP): Climate Change, Mitigation, and Adaptation in Corn-based Cropping Systems. Dr. Emerson Nafziger's long-term extended rota...

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