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Angie Peltier

Angie Peltier
Former Extension Educator, Commercial Agriculture

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Hill and Furrow

Current topics about crop production in Western Illinois, including field crops research at the NWIARDC in Monmouth.
Grain bins

Cool Stored Grain Now

Iowa State University Extension Ag Engineering Specialist, Dr. Greg Brenneman, recently shared some information regarding cooling the grain that went into storage this year. "In the past couple of weeks a lot of corn and soybeans went into storage with temperatures in the 60s. With grain this warm, moisture migration within the grain mass and spoilage can occ...

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Davis example
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Online courses target weed and crop management topics

Each year the University of Illinois Extension's regional Crop Management Conferences offer hours of research-based education to farmers, Certified Crop Advisors, and other agricultural professionals. Interactive online courses were developed from 2015 conference presentations by University of Illinois Department of Crop Science faculty: New (and old) Tools for Delaying and Copi...

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Figure. Split N decision support tool homepage (Image: Useful 2 Usable).

Penciling it out: Would splitting your N application work for your operation?

There are economic and environmental pressures for farmers to consider applying their nitrogen at more than one time. Nitrogen that is lost to nitrification and nitrate leaching is not available for crop use. In addition, nitrate-nitrogen lost from farm fields can move into ground and surface waters resulting in water quality and potential regulatory issues. This summer the Illinois EPA...

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Figure. Photo of a October 12, 2015 fire across the highway from the NWIARDC (credit: Brian Mansfield).
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Dry times: August and September 2015 Weather Summary

Precipitation. August precipitation at the Northwestern Illinois Agricultural Research and Demonstration Center (NWIARDC) totaled 3.47 inches, 1 inch less than the 30-year "normal" for the month ( Table ). September precipitation totaled 2.81 inches, nearly 1 inch more than the 30-year normal for the month. The NWIARDC is located a little more than 4 miles West o...

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