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Angie Peltier

Angie Peltier
Former Extension Educator, Commercial Agriculture

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Hill and Furrow

Current topics about crop production in Western Illinois, including field crops research at the NWIARDC in Monmouth.
Figure. Researchers plant oats breeding lines at the Northwestern Illinois Agricultural Research & Demonstration Center (March 23).
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Oats planting kicks off 2016 growing season

Researchers finished planting oats for Dr. Fred Kolb's research program yesterday (March 23) before the rain began (Figures). Dr. Kolb works a professor and small grains plant breeder in the Department of Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois. The goal of his field research is to develop improved small grains varieties. In...

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Figure. True armyworm moths captured using a pheromone trap. Moths are identified and counted to determine when large numbers of adults are migrating through the trap area and when to begin scouting.

What happens 1 to 2 weeks after 85 true armyworms land in my pheromone trap?

No this is not a trick question; let me explain. What are true armyworms ? True armyworms are insect pests of grasses and crops such as corn and small grains. Many of the Bt-traited corn hybrids express proteins that provide protection against the true armyworm. However, not every Bt hybrid provides pr...

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Figure. Oats 16 days after April 1 planting at the Northwestern Illinois Agricultural Research and Demonstration Center.
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Oats research at the Northwestern Research Center

In any given year oats are typically the first crop to emerge at the Northwestern Illinois Agricultural Research and Demonstration Center (NWIARDC) in Monmouth. Oats were planted in 2015 on April 1 and as of April 17 have between one and three leaves ( Figures ). For the past 28 years, Dr. Fred Kolb has worked at...

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Figure. Marty Johnson and Brian Mansfield plant corn at the NWIARDC on April 21, 2014.
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Spring Field Operations

Planting Operations are Underway . Now that soil temperatures have become more favorable for seed germination, Northwestern Illinois Agricultural Research and Demonstration Center (NWIARDC) Research Agronomist Brian Mansfield and Research Specialist Marty Johnson have been hard at work planting corn during the past several days ( Figures ). They take turns operati...

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Figure. Marty Johnson planting corn, April 5, 2013 (Photo: Brian Mansfield).

Field operations began and have since stalled

Field operations at the NWIARDC in 2013 began on Friday, April 5th and have since stalled. Some spring anhydrous ammonia application, oats planting and corn planting for a corn planting date experiment took place later last week in the narrow window of good soil conditions provided by warmer temperatures and high winds (Figure). Recent storms have brought 2.28 inches of rain to the NWI...

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List of 2013 NWIARDC Trials

Brian Mansfield and Marty Johnson, Research Agronomist and Research Specialist, respectively, recently compiled a list of the 2013 NWIARDC Research Trials . There will be a total o...

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Figure. Crop rotation/tillage study started at the NWIARDC in 1996.

What is small plot research?

At the University of Illinois Research Centers we do small-plot research. This isn't research that takes place in the highly controlled environment of a laboratory or a test tube, but outdoors. A farm field is a diverse environment, with many abiotic factors (rocks and other inorganic soil components, soil nutrients, residual pesticides, temperature, humidity, wind, precipitation, etc.) and biotic...

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Figure. Oats nearing heading at the NWIARDC, May 18, 2012.
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Oats nearing heading

Posted by Angie Peltier - Oats

Acres of oats have been at their lowest in the US in 2010-2012 since the National Agricultural Statistics Service began keeping records in 1926. At the peak in 1954, oats were planted on 46.09 million acres. Acreage was the lowest in 2011 with 2.5 million acres planted. This year 2.9 million acres of oats were planted nationwide. In Illinois, 30,000 acres were planted in 2012. Yields on...

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