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Angie Peltier

Angie Peltier
Former Extension Educator, Commercial Agriculture

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Hill and Furrow

Current topics about crop production in Western Illinois, including field crops research at the NWIARDC in Monmouth.
Agricultural Economics
Figure. Small black specks (pycnidia) can help in diagnosing Diplodia ear mold.
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Scouting shouldn't end until after harvest

Scouting is a season-long commitment, beginning before planting (measuring soil temperature and assessing condition), continues after planting (assessing plant stands and then scouting for disease, insect and weed pressure) only ending after the crop has been harvested. Late season scouting of corn can include monitoring kernels for maturity (black layer) and moisture content and checki...

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Grain bins

Temperature fluctuations outside can lead to temperature and moisture issues in stored grain

It is widely understood that the quality of grain coming out of storage is never going to be better than the quality of that grain going into storage. For some that stored 2016 corn, Diplodia and other ear molds ensured that grain quality going into storage was not of ideal quality. Fluctuating air temperatures this winter and spring has the potential to cause moisture or hot-spots to develop in s...

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W IL Map

Extension Bi-State Crops Conferences in and near Western Illinois

New and longer-term partnerships between personnel in Illinois and personnel in Missouri and Iowa have resulted in several bi-state crops conferences to be held during January 2017 in Western Illinois or Eastern Iowa. Friday, January 6, 2017: Bi-State Crop Advantage Conference, Burlington, IA, 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM...

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Registration now open for the 2017 Regional Crop Management Conferences

Registration is open for the 2017 Crop Management Conferences. These regional conferences provide a forum for discussion and interaction between participants and university researchers and are designed to address a wide array of topics pertinent to crop production in Illinois: crop management, pest management, nutrient management, soil and water management. Certified Crop Advisers can e...

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Figure. Daily soil temperatures at 4 inches under sod and bare soil at the Northwestern IL Ag R&D Ctr. in Monmouth in 2016 (Data Source: WARM).
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Fall Nitrogen: Strategies to Hang onto it Until the 2017 Crop Needs it

Progress: Harvest and other Fall Operations. For the week ending November 6, the USDA's National Ag Statistics Service estimates that 95 percent of the corn and 92 percent of the soybeans in the Western Illinois crop reporting district have been harvested (...

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Figure. County average cropland cash rental rates (for non-irrigated land) for 2016 and compared to 2014 (the value within parentheses) (Data source: USDA-NASS).

Deadline Looms for Many Land Leases: Did Falling Rental Rates Between 2014 and 2016 Ensure Farm Profitability?

Cash rents: Popular topic in county Extension offices. By and large, the number one questions fielded in rural county extension offices relate to land rental rates. As many of the 2016 cropping-year leases are currently under review for 2017, many farmers and land-owners are currently negotiating land lease terms for the 2017 growing season. Rather than relying on strictly-verb...

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Figure. Corn harvested at the Northwestern Illinois Ag R&D Center in Monmouth in 2016. Healthy corn is on the left and corn with Diplodia ear mold symptoms and signs is on the right. (Source: Marty Johnson, Senior Research Specialist)

Diplodia ear mold at harvest: What can be done now?

Diplodia Symptoms and Machinery Adjustments at Harvest. Diplodia ear mold can cause lightweight kernels with a dull grey to brownish color and sometimes small black structures call pycnidia ( Figure ). The infected kernels are prone to breakage and can result in poor test weights, poor grain quality and fine materials in the hopper or grain bin. Adjusting combine...

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Grant Program for Farmers and Ranchers Interested in Increasing Sustainability

From soil erosion to compaction to weed management struggles, farmers know best what is may be limiting crop production or long-term sustainability in the fields that they farm. However during this period of razor-thin margins farmers may be unwilling or unable to fit the costs of experimenting with new conservation practices into their balance sheets. If you are a farmer that has an in...

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Upcoming webinar for farmers: Putting a Value on Sweat Equity

Webinar: Putting a Value on Sweat Equity On Tuesday, August 23 at 9 a.m. (CDT) the Purdue Center for Commercial Agriculture will host a webinar focused on farm succession planning entitled Putting a Value on Sweat Equity in the Farm Business , which will be presented by Purdue agricultural economist Michael Langemeier and Purdue Extension's Denise Schroed...

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Clouds and corn

So many acronyms: DNA...GMOs... What is everyone talking about?

DNA. The results of a consumer preference survey conducted in January of 2015 by Oklahoma State University's Department of Agricultural Economics indicate that there is sometimes a disconnect between reality and public perception. When surveyed regarding support or opposition to potential government policies,...

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Dec. 18 Webinar Focuses on Cash Rent Decision Tool

Purdue University's Center for Commercial Agriculture is hosting an upcoming webinar entitled, "Making Long-Term Cash Rent Decisions Using a Cash Rent Decision Tool" to be held on Friday, December 18 between 8 and 9 a.m. (CST). The Director of Purdue's Center for Commercial Agriculture &Professor of Agricultural Economics, Dr. Jim Min...

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Figure. An aeration fan attached to a grain bin. This fan dries grain very slowly as it pulls in air at ambient temperatures and moistures.

Decision points: Economics of grain drying and storage

Since last Friday daily wind speeds have averaged between 5.9 and 11.6 mph at the Northwestern Illinois Agricultural Research & Demonstration Center. Warmer high temperatures and breezy weather through tomorrow and most of Thursday provide ideal conditions for in-field grain drying. Many crop producers in Western Illinois have begun their corn harvest. Recent conversations have indi...

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Figure. In 2015, moderate temperatures and long periods of leaf wetness favored the development of northern leaf blight in corn hybrids without a high level of disease resistance (June 29, 2015).

Many factors converge toward a decision - foliar fungicides on corn

Foliar fungicides in corn - a historical perspective. From the early 1970's through the mid-2000's, when prices averaged close to $2 per bushel and corn was considered a lower value crop, producers worked to minimize all but the most essential inputs. Between 2010 and 2012, when corn prices reached historic highs, producers may have considered additional inputs. While many product...

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Figure. Soybean seed prices 2001-2014 (USDA-ERS).
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Soybean seed treatments: options, considerations.

According to the 2015 Illinois Crop Budgets prepared by University of Illinois Economist Dr. Gary Schnitkey, an estimated average of $78 per acre will be spent on soybean seed - the single largest direct cost of producing soybean. According to the...

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farmdoc toolbox

Register for Regional Farm Bill Seminars to be held in January and February

Throughout January and February, University of Illinois Extension Agricultural Economists, in conjunction with the United States Department of Agriculture's Farm Services Agency and the Illinois Farm Bureau, will be holding 14 complimentary regional meetings to help walk people through the 2014 Farm Bill Commodity Support Programs, important decisions that need to be made before February and Ma...

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Webinar - Managing Your Farm in an Economic Downturn

Lower grain prices are narrowing margins for crop producers this year and are projected to continue into the future. This economic climate will be pose many economic and management challenges for crop producers. Agricultural Economists from Purdue University's Center for Commercial Agriculture will be hosting a webinar geared toward exploring farm management strategies that crop produce...

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Free Financial Planning Webinar for Farmers - December 16, 9 A.M. CST

What business couldn't use a financial "check up"? Register and attend this hour long seminar on Tuesday, December 16 at 9 A.M. to learn about ways to gauge and better your financial assets. According to New Jersey Extension Agricultural and Resource Management Agent Jenny Carleo, "This webinar will discuss 20 ways that people can assess their persona...

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