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Angie Peltier

Angie Peltier
Former Extension Educator, Commercial Agriculture

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Hill and Furrow

Current topics about crop production in Western Illinois, including field crops research at the NWIARDC in Monmouth.
Figure. Stripe rust of wheat. Note the orange to yellow spores of the fungus erupting through the leaf tissue in long stripes  (Photo: Carl Bradley).

Stripe rust observed at the NWIARDC

Dr. Carl Bradley, University of Illinois Plant Pathologist, observed stripe rust in some of his research plots at the NWIARDC this week (May 9th).  Symptoms and signs of disease were observed primarily on the variety called Kaskaskia. He observed the symptoms on several flag leaves and leaves below the flag leaf had moderate severity.

These symptoms indicate that the pathogen has reached Northwestern Illinois. Wheat producers should scout their wheat for symptoms of stripe rust. If you find stripe rust in your field and your wheat is beginning to flower, you many want to consider spraying a fungicide. Labeled products include Prosaro®, Caramba®, and Folicur® (or generic tebuconazole).

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