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Angie Peltier

Angie Peltier
Former Extension Educator, Commercial Agriculture

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Hill and Furrow

Current topics about crop production in Western Illinois, including field crops research at the NWIARDC in Monmouth.
Figure. New online resource on newer agricultural tiling capabilities.
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Two new online Extension resources

The University of Illinois Extension web-team has released two new online resources.

A new online learning module is open both to the public and to Certified Crop Advisors that are looking to earn one continuing education unit (Figure). This module is called "Corn Residue and Foliar Disease". Many foliar diseases are caused by pathogens that survive the winter in corn residue on the soil surface. This module delves into detail on many of the most common and newly emerging residue-borne corn foliar diseases in the Midwest. It also explores tips on disease identification and the most current management recommendations. This module expands on much of the information provided in the Corn Foliar Disease Guide.

Another online resource has recently been developed by Dr. Richard Cooke, a University of Illinois Agricultural Engineer. Dr. Cooke is an expert in agricultural tiling and has developed a website entitled, "Bioreactors, water table management and water quality" (Figure). For those that are replacing older agricultural tiling or are tiling a field for the first time, Dr. Cooke has summarized some of the newest tiling accessories such as 1) drainage water control structures that can be installed to help regulate the water table within a field and 2) bioreactors which can help reduce nitrate loss into local waterways.

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