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Angie Peltier

Angie Peltier
Former Extension Educator, Commercial Agriculture

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Figure. The main menu screen for Spray Calc; there are four main functions as well as a link to information about the app and a help icon that details what each main function in the app can be used to calculate (Photo and caption: Scott Bretthaeur).

Free University of Illinois App Developed to Help Applicators with Sprayer Calculations

University of Illinois Extension has released a new smartphone app to assist applicators with many of the calculations that are used when setting up and calibrating a sprayer. Pesticide Spray Calculator, or "Spray Calc", was developed by Scott Bretthauer, Extension Specialist in the Pesticide Safety Education Program.

Spray Calc is now available FREE for both Apple and Android smartphone platforms.

What it does. According to Mr. Bretthauer,

"Spray Calc (Figure) allows the user to select from one of four main options:

1. Calibration: allows user to calibrate four different sprayer types (Aircraft, Ground Rig, Turf Boom, and Boomless).

2. PSI for GPM: allows user to calculate required pressure (in pounds per square inch, or PSI) in order to provide a specific flow rate (in gallons per minute, or GPM), or do the opposite.

3. Nozzle Speed: lists the minimum and maximum speeds for a specific nozzle.

4. Convert Value: assists users with various pesticide application related unit conversions."

Ease of use. "Help" menus are available throughout the app to provide users with both guidance on the function of app components and definitions for many of the listed variables. According to Mr. Bretthauer, "For most variables, touching the name of the variable brings up a definition of what the variable is and how it is measured." He has plans in the near future to add additional features including a function to assist applicators with tank mix calculations.

For more information. Visit the July/August 2014 issue of the Illinois Pesticide Review. Members of the public are encouraged to contact Scott Bretthauer with questions or suggestions for additional functions.

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