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The Cattle Connection

The cattlemen's connection to timely topics, current research, and profitable management strategies

Forage Sampling and Testing

Sampling and testing forages will save producers a lot of money this year. The extreme variability in weather this year has inevitably produced an abundance of variability in our forages. Along with variability, the cost of co-products and grains is extremely high and thus small differences in supplement levels could make a huge difference in profitability. By correctly sampling hay, a...

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Cattle Industry Insight

Posted by Travis Meteer - Economics

Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty person? Your response likely correlates with your view of the current beef industry dynamic. It seems that the beef industry is offering up a "mixed bag" as discussed by Chris Hurt, Ag Economist, Purdue University, in his industry update . Extens...

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CRP hay

CRP Hay: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

No need to write the same intro about how drought forced us to put up poor quality forages this year. You guys know that all too well. Cornstalks, wheat straw, and CRP hay are prominent features in most bale rows this year. CRP may be least familiar. Thus, I feel the need to discuss my thoughts on CRP hay... The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. you hear the spaghetti western whistl...

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rolling the dice

High risk feeds require management

The drought has left a lasting mark in several ways; one being our winter feeds. These feeds were likely prepared during the drought. In large, producers will deal with high-risk and low quality feedstuffs this winter. Without caution and planning, you are just rolling the dice. So what high risk feeds do you have and how do you manage them correctly? Forages stressed in the drought...

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Dudley Smith

Fall Grazing: Management and Grazing Strategies

Posted by Travis Meteer - Grazing

Cattlemen that took advantage of idle wheat ground or corn silage fields by seeding annual forages are smiling. With the hurricane rain and some timely showers since, most of these forages have grown well and will provide ample forage for extending the grazing season. Incorporating them into fall grazing requires some thought. Each producer will have a different scenario so evaluate you...

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