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Are you BQA certified?

Posted by Travis Meteer -

Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) is a national program designed by cattlemen and cattlewomen, delivered by cattlemen and cattlewomen, for cattlemen and cattlewomen. BQA equips producers with production strategies and general skills to maintain and strengthen a quality, wholesome food supply. By now, you as a beef producer realize that the beef business is a consumer-driven business. Grassro...

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Annual forages needs management too

Thanks to hurricane rains many farmers that seeded annuals have a nice crop. Many fields have great stands and are bound to have above average tonnage. Some things I would consider if I was turned out on these forages are Dry Matter Intake (DMI) and excess protein problems. DMI always becomes a concern on lush, "washy" forages. Because these plants are lush they contain a high p...

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