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The Cattle Connection

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muddy cows

Profit Robbers

Low winter feed inventories coupled with promised good times ahead may have some cattle producers trying to stretch feeds too far. This is definitely a mistake, but sometimes producers may not realize they are not meeting cow requirements. Certain factors can rob producers of potential profits by causing cow requirements to increase and thus, require more high-priced feed. A few things...

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BCS cows prior to calving

As we approach calving season it is important to assess your cows Body Condition Score (BCS). Cows calving in optimal BCS (5 or 6) have shown to have numerous benefits. One of the largest benefits of good body condition at calving is subsequent reproductive performance. Cows in good body condition at calving are more likely to breed back in a defined calving season. In the last two year...

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strip grazing

Stretch your remaining forage

Posted by Travis Meteer - Grazing

Those of us that are lucky enough to still have forage to graze should utilize it carefully. The picture above illustrates strip-grazing that is currently going on at my family's farm. We are trying to extend the grazing days we have left on some stockpiled fescue. Strip-grazing can increase utilization of pasture by 20%. With feed costs high, stretch your remaining forages by strip-gra...

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