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The Cattle Connection

The cattlemen's connection to timely topics, current research, and profitable management strategies
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Spring grass looks good, but comes with concerns

The flush of spring grass is a welcomed sign to beef producers that have been feeding cows for what seems like forever. However, producers preparing to move cows out to pasture need to be aware of two big concerns. First, Grass tetany is a concern with lush spring grass. This immature grass is very high in moisture and low in mineral content and dry matter (DM). The main culprit of gras...

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Breeding season on a collision course for 2013 planting?

Anticipation and anxiety fill Illinois farmers' heads. Late winter weather in the Midwest has many farmers in hurry-up-and-wait mode in effort to get the crop in the ground. When the sun starts to shine and the breeze starts to blow, many farmers could find themselves having to choose between planting cornĀ or breeding cows. Thanks to proven synchronization methods it doesn't have to come to tha...

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Make your breeding season a winning one

If not for the start of baseball season, I am not sure that I would believe it is spring. Obviously, Mother Nature has fallen in love with the curveball. Despite the uncertainty of the weather, it is clear that to be in the cattle business cows have to breed. Simple as it sounds, it is not so easily executed. Reproductive success or failure hinges on numerous factors, but the biggest fa...

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Land for Sale: $200/acre

On Tuesday, Dr. Ken Nimrick, retired WIU professor and cattleman, shared his secret to being profitable in the cow/calf business at the IL Forage Institute. His secret is simple..."Buy land for $200/acre." Of course, those of us in the audience all laughed. For good reason too, as most tillable farm ground has been setting records and all land prices have escalated. It is not uncommon to see go...

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