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The Cattle Connection

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Are you managing for Profit or Production?

Posted by Travis Meteer - Economics

Have you ever been at the diner when guys are talking cows? After everyone gives rain gauge reports, usually you start to hear weaning weights and how much they got per pound for the last set of calves. The easiest things to measure are the numbers that come back on the salebarn ticket. That's what you always hear, because it's easy to measure. If these are the only numbers you measure...

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Lonely Bulls

Does your herd have a defined breeding season?

If you find yourself calving every month of the year, then you do not have a defined breeding season. I have watched many herds get strung out the last two years. First, evaluate your nutritional program and ensure you are meeting cow requirements during breeding and keeping cows in good BCS. Nutritional deficiencies will give your cows little opportunity to breed no matter the other ci...

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I did learn something in D.C.

Posted by Travis Meteer -

As I write this blog, the United States Senate is debating and voting on amendments to the senate version of a 2013 Farm Bill that will then be sent to the House of Representatives. I had the privilege to be in Washington, D.C. with the Young Cattlemen's Conference and was fortunate enough to meet with congressmen and senators from Illinois. As I set foot in D. C., I feared that we as c...

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